We Drive Values and Outcomes

Spirit of Endeavour is a boutique consultancy that drives growth through trade, technology and transformation.

Established in 2012, Endeavour's pivoting agenda for all clients is a focus on driving growth through Trade, Technology and Transformation with a strong emphasis on corporate governance and sustainability.

Our client portfolio transcends a broad scope: we offer unique solutions to government departments and agencies, as well as enterprise and non-profit organizations. We have also served MNCs and SMEs active in the manufacturing, marketing, supply chain management, healthcare and social development sectors.

We place an emphasis on impactful digital transformation and data strategies. Our unique experience brings together digital innovation and change management as a key focus to help our clients achieve positive outcomes.

Why Endeavour?

1 Strategic & Innovative

We give fresh ideas, with a priority on innovative thinking. A value that we are able to share with clients drawn from our significant experience. Arising from our firm’s successful growth as an enterprise, today we help many organisations from start-up to maturity.

2 Make a difference

We focus on transforming communities and helping organisations greatly improve their operating efficiency and service levels. Our clients look to us to make a real difference to people, communities and the environment.

3 Focus on outcomes

As exciting as technology is, we want all customers, and especially citizens, to benefit from it. With practical and sustainable outcomes, we help people to move forward at their own pace. This, we believe, is the true meaning of transformation.

4 Extensive track record

We have extensive dealings with high-level executives and government officials, where seniority matters in decision-making and thought leadership. Our role comes in where technology cannot replace experience.

“I feel strongly that digital technologies must be aligned to create positive social, economic environmental impacts.”

Executive Director / Founder

KV Soon


KV Soon


KV Soon is an entrepreneur and a digital transformation strategist with 30 years of operations and IT experience.

He co-founded Spirit of Endeavour to help organisations adopt and adapt digital technologies to achieve the greatest impact. Endeavour has enabled KV to travel and work with clients and partners in Cambodia, China, Fiji, Indonesia, Laos, Mauritius, Singapore, Sudan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

On the personal side, KV is active with several NGOs to address issues that affect us all such as climate change, equality rights, inclusive societies, and quality education.

Most times, he is a husband and father to three wonderful individuals.

Nantha Kumar V
“I build lasting client relationships based on the impact we have made together for their brands and businesses.”

Executive Director / Founder


Nantha Kumar V


Nantha Kumar V is an accomplished communications and branding professional with 30 years’ industry experience.

In 1999, he co-founded a full-service marketing communications consultancy that he still manages today. His other entrepreneurial venture is Spirit of Endeavour, which he has been managing since 2013.

Nantha is passionate about creating knowledge-sharing platforms to elevate the branding of homegrown businesses, especially SMEs and SMIs.

In his spare time, he chairs a community development initiative that focuses on aid programmes for children and youths from urban poor communities.



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