Capacity Development

Key services for building capabilities, knowledge & expertise




    Managing, measuring  and continuously improving operational process is key to accomplish the goal of delivering quality products and services to customers in the most cost-effective and timely manner.


    With extensive experience in planning and execution of dynamic operational models, we take a critical and objective view to review and to evolve innovative operational processes.


    Information and communication technology is now pervasive into all  aspects of businesses. There is a need to fully appreciate its value and full potential drive to achieve organisations’ strategic objectives.


    We develop and review ICT blueprints, considering items such as application and data integration strategies, mobile applications and data security - with a holistic view driven by the company strategies.


    Customers Engagement Strategies. An organization’s primary source of revenue generation is the customer. Thereby maintaining a strong relationship with the customer is fundamentally important to ensure a sustainable growth.


    Our experience and insights into customer engagement, especially with the implementation of effective marketing communications, media relations and social media strategies, can be shared to develop optimal planning to better understand the customer, and thereby implement marketing programmes that can generate sales and market share growth that are necessary to ensure goals of sustainability are met.


    Endeavour’s program management services offers management and oversight of into the status of projects in a program, support project-level activity, risk assessment and mitigation. We ensure that the Program is managed by an expert program management team, with the relevant skill sets and experience that corresponds with the requirements of the particular programs.


    This is to ensure seamless integration of all projects within the Program.

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