Malaysia’s Spirit of Endeavour selected as partner for Fiji’s largest national ICT project

(In the frame are, from left - Prime Minister His Excellency Josaia Voreqe ‘Frank’ Bainimarama, K V Soon, Minister for Commerce, Trade, Tourism, and Transportation (MCTTT) His Excellency Faiyaz Koya, and, Permanent Secretary of MCTTT, Mr Shaheen Ali, and Nantha Kumar V.)

SUVA, Fiji; 20 June 2022 - Malaysian consulting firm, Spirit of Endeavour Sdn Bhd was selected by the Fijian Government as the Integrated Project Manager in the development and implementation of Project bizFIJI 2.0, which is the title of the project to develop the national digital platform for government services targeted at businesses and investors. Through Project bizFIJI 2.0, the Fijian Government will develop and implement two applications platform – the application to digitise the starting of businesses and the approval process of building permits. Being part of the digital Government transformation agenda initiated in 2018, bizFIJI 2.0 will be Fiji’s single largest ICT project, involving the design, development, and implementation at the national level.

Spirit of Endeavour’s role is to manage the diverse scope of the Project to ensure that it is well integrated and aligned to the Fijian Government’s strategic goal to establish a digital platform that will significantly improve the speed of delivery of government services involved in getting businesses and new investments into Fiji. The platform will also enable enhanced transparency and long-term sustainability of business operations of the Fijian Government. In this role, Spirit of Endeavour is providing critical project services, including the assessment of the key government agencies involved, designing the project plan – and its implementation, including engagement of stakeholders, surveillance of risks, planning risk mitigation, as well as managing the Government’s vendors selected to develop the digital platform.

This important National Project is a 36-month initiative, under the joint purview of the Ministry of Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport (MCTTT), and the Ministry of Communications (MoC).

The Permanent Secretary for Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport, Mr Shaheen Ali re-emphasised that this reforms and digitalisation journey is to modernise and make Fiji competitive and most preferred investment destination. Mr Ali further stated that “we must change with time and adapt to the needs of the evolving market and our clients. As we strive to be the best, we must harness technology and new ways of doing things. Therefore, Project bizFIJI 2.0 is the digital solution for fast-tracking of both starting a business and construction permit processes. Upon successful completion, we shall be able to establish a platform, which will allow for other applications, payments and approvals, apart from Starting a Business and Construction Permits, to be also done online. On this note, we welcome on board the Spirit of Endeavour team, who are the approved partners for this phase of the digitalisation process.”

The Endeavour team is led by Executive Director, Soon Koi Voon, who is well known as KV Soon. The team is made up of subject matter experts with broad ranging experience in successfully implementing digital government projects in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Mauritius, as well as in other markets around the world.

Mr KV Soon emphasised the enthusiasm of the team at Spirit of Endeavour in undertaking Project BizFIJI 2.0. He said, “Our involvement in this important national project runs at the heart of Spirit of Endeavour’s mission, which is built around our motto of TRADE, TECHNOLOGY & TRANSFORMATION. Our team of professionals are aligned with the Endeavour agenda of implementing programmes and initiatives that will have a meaningful socio-economic impact on the lives of communities and nations. Our focus is on integrated programme management, solution designs, and change adoption strategies that are driven by digital technology. We are proud to be able to share our experiences and knowledge gained with Fiji. In this regard, we are inspired by the people-centric approach of the Fijian Government in driving the revitalisation of the economy as the world recovers from the pandemic.”

Spirit of Endeavour is a global strategy and programme management services company with a strong emphasis on governance and sustainability. The firm was jointly founded by KV Soon and V. Nantha Kumar in 2013.

With offices in Malaysia, Singapore and Fiji, the firm prioritises guiding clients to adopt growth and development approaches which are not only financially sustainable but will also have positive social impacts. The firm’s client portfolio includes government agencies and departments in building strategy and implementation policies, as well as MNCs and SMEs active in the manufacturing, marketing, supply chain management, healthcare, and social development sectors.




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