Endeavour is a consulting services company, which has as its pivoting agenda for all clients, a focus on driving growth through Trade, Technology and Transformation with a strong emphasis on corporate governance and sustainability.  Aligned to the principles of sustainable development, we offer unique solutions to government departments and agencies, as well as enterprise and non-profit organizations. We place an emphasis on guiding them to adopt approaches which are not only financially sustainable but will also have positive social impacts.

Our client portfolio transcends a broad scope - including government agencies and departments in building strategy and implementation policies, as well as MNCs and SMEs active in the manufacturing, marketing, supply chain management, healthcare and social development sectors.

Our unique experience brings together digital innovation and strategic communications, as a key focus to help our clients achieve positive outcomes with strong social impact.

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We help our clients focus on strategic initiative and going to foundational thinking and structuring to achieve positive impact as outcomes. Do contact is for more details.

Business Strategic Advisory

Clear goals and strategies are key to the development and articulation of strategic initiatives. We focus on working closely with the board and senior management of our clients through insightful, analysis and careful planning to develop strategies.  

We work with private, public and social organizations to provide advisory on developing long term high impact strategies in the areas driven digital transformation, communication and sustainability.   Engagement with senior level on such strategies is a element of our services.

Digital Transformation, Data Strategies

Digital technologies are now an essential part of businesses today and data plays a very central role. We support our clients to develop implementation roadmap and strategies, systems implementations reviews. 

We recognize, digital transformation is key to the long term success of organizations, we offer board level advisory services to drive and manage strategic digital initiatives. 

We offer senior level capacity building, development of implementation blueprints, systems impact reviews and IT Implementation management advisory with a special focus on Digital Government Transformation.

We strive to make digital technologies work for you. 

Communications and Engagement Strategies

Maintaining a strong relationship with stakeholders and customers is important to ensure sustainable stability and growth. Our experience and insights into stakeholder engagement, especially with the implementation of effective marketing communications, media relations and social media strategies, can be shared to develop optimal planning to better understand the stakeholders and customer.

Training , Capacity Building and Mentoring

We offer a series of strategic capacity building, training and development programmes to help and guide senior level management  and government officials in digital strategies, communications and change management.

We are able customise programmes to suit the need of your organization.

Nantha Kumar V
Executive director / founder
Accomplished communications and branding professional and entrepreneur  with 30 years industry experience
K V Soon

Entrepreneur, management professional and leader in digital transformation with 30 years of operations and IT experience.


The depth of our experiences spans across the different sectors with very strong strategic adoption of digital technologies and communication strategies. Working across private, social and pubic sector, we have very strong experiences both the ground-up and top-down approach bring about positive impact.

Our aim is to drive enable and drive social, environment and economic impact. This includes a very strong implementation of the strategic developing, planning and guiding initiatives on both national and transnational levels.

Here are some of our work and experiences,

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